VideoBrains June: Accounting

28/06/17 (7pm–10pm)
The Blacksmith & Toffeemaker, London, UK


VideoBrains is a night of games discussion featuring the hottest takes, the wittiest wisdom, the talks to talk about. We’re all about creating diverse, inclusive conversation from all points of view and backgrounds on videogames.

Ticket price: £5.80–8.40
Estimated attendees: N/A

Event Webpage:
Twitter: @VideoBrains

Brochure/visitor guide/handout:  N/A

Run by: Jake Tucker, Thryn Henderson, Rosa Carbó-Mascarell, Oli Kill
With the help of: Not applicable.
Funders: Patreon

Talks given:

  • Anna Hollinrake – idle animations are like falling in love
  • Florencia Minuzzi & Dustin Connor – Conversations in Games – no, not the life-changing, world-shattering kind.
  • Tom Battey – Confessions of a Former Monster Hunter
  • Colm Seeley & Stuart Burnside (for the BFI) – Does a Tree have a nationality?
  • Tom Davison – Homes as Emblematic Spaces

Games shown:

Not applicable.

Live Games run:

Not applicable.

Workshops held:

Not applicable.

Games made:

Not applicable.

Performances given:

  • PACMAN: A TRAGEDY IN THREE ACTS – created by Grant Howitt – performed by Elizabeth Simoens, Thyrn Henderson, Adam Dixon, Johnathan Prior, Anna Hollindrake

Photos: (Sarah Cole, Flickr)





Misc other: N/A

Submitted to Interstice by: Sarah Cole

Let’s Play Outside: gamepoems from videogames outdoors

Thryn Henderson


A small book of activities inspired by videogames.



Format: Physical
Limited edition of: N/A
Cost to buy: £0
Made in: UK
Associated with: Feral Vector 2017 — distributed at associated meditative workshop/performance.

Link: N/A

Additional Notes: One sheet of single-sided A4 paper folded down to an A7 book using clever cuts.

Is a physical copy of this zine held in the Games & Play Zine Library?: N/A

Submitted to Interstice by: Sarah Cole