Feral Vector, 2017

Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, UK


‘Feral Vector is a festival about making games and gamelike things.’

Ticket price: N/A
Estimated attendees: 200

Event Webpage: http://feral-vector.com/
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: @feralvector
Hashtag: #feralvector

Brochure/visitor guide/handout: N/A

Run by:  David Hayward, Pax Lowey, Eli Rainsberry, Cel Davidson, Amran Anjum, Devlin, Kriss, Beck Michalak, Jim Thompson, Siobhan Gibson, Shi
With the help of: N/A
Supported by: N/A

Talks given:

  • David Hayward – Introductions
  • Kat Brewster – Don’t Stand So Close to Me: Intimacy in Digital Tech
  • Katie Rose Pipkin – A pre-history of Farmville (and other flower-breeding games)
  • Emma Bearman – Playbox
  • Stuart Lilford – Impostor Syndrome – I’m not really qualified to give this talk
  • Malath Abbas – Collectives, co-working space and community
  • Derek Moody – Whodunnit Manor
  • Anna Hollinrake – Mental Health, with Maslow and friends
  • shi & Kriss – So, you’ve accidentally made a virtual world.
  • Charlotte Gore – Bards Bards Bards: Why everyone should roll a bard
  • Dr. Kim Foale – Victory Points Suck
  • Natalie Clayton – Hammer out a Home: Creating Personal Spaces in Games
  • Tara Copplestone – Games and Archaeology

Games/Things shown:

  • Various, but list N/A

Live Games/Experiences run:

  • Deep Green – by Jim Thompson
  • Settings for Sitting To – Thryn Henderson
  • Business Year 2001: A Business Odyssey – Adam Dixon, Nate Crowley

Workshops/Jams held:

  • Cardboard jam – N/A
  • Arcade Workshop: Makey Makey – Alex Johansson, Katy Marshall
  • Paperjam – Stuart Lilford
  • Arcade Workshop: Arduino – Alex Roberts
  • The Wicker Jam – Jonathan Whiting
  • Arcade Workshop: Alt Ctrl Adventure – Jerry Belich

Misc Other:

  • Controller surgery/exhibit

Photos: N/A

Recordings: N/A

Blogs/articles/write-ups: N/A

Misc other:N/A

Submitted to Interstice by: Sarah Cole