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Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, UK
Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, UK
'''''Recurring:'''''[[Category:Feral Vector Feral Vector]]
'''''Recurring:''''' [[:Category:Feral Vector|Feral Vector]]
==== About: ====
==== About: ====
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==== Run by: ====
==== Run by: ====
[[Feral Sett]] [[Category:David Hayward]], [[Category:Pax Lowey]], [[Category:Eli Rainsberry]], [[Category:Cel Davidson]], [[Category:Amran Anjum]], [[Category:Devlin, Kriss]], [[Category:Beck Michalak]], [[Category:Jim Thompson]], [[Category:Siobhan Gibson]], [[Category:Shi]]
[[:Category:Feral Sett|Feral Sett]] [[:Category:David Hayward|David Hayward]], [[:Category:Pax Lowey|Pax Lowey]], [[:Category:Eli Rainsberry|Eli Rainsberry]], [[:Category:Cel Davidson|Cel Davidson]], [[:Category:Amran Anjum|Amran Anjum]], [[:Category:Devlin|Devlin]], [[:Category:Kriss|Kriss]], [[:Category:Beck Michalak|Beck Michalak]], [[:Category:Jim Thompson|Jim Thompson]], [[:Category:Siobhan Gibson|Siobhan Gibson]], [[:Category:Shi|Shi]]
==== With the help of: ====
==== With the help of: ====
other nice people
other nice people
==== Funders/Sponsors: ====
==== Funders/Sponsors: ====
[[Category:Yorkshire Games Festival]], [[Category:BFI]], [[Category:Boneloaf]]
[[:Category:Yorkshire Games Festival|Yorkshire Games Festival]], [[:Category:BFI|BFI]], [[:Category:Boneloaf|Boneloaf]]
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Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, UK

Recurring: Feral Vector


‘Feral Vector is not like other game design events. If you feel like an impostor at games events, you’re not only welcome here, we encourage you to attend. If you are in the videogames industry, but looking for more than it can give, Feral Vector is for you. Feral Vector is fundamentally about outside influences, accessible tools, and the fringes of game design – because that’s where the interesting stuff happens.’

Ticket price:


Estimated attendees:


Event Webpage:









Feral Vector Logo.png

Brochure/visitor guide/handout: 

FV2018 guide part 01.jpg
FV2018 guide part 02.jpg

Run by:

Feral Sett David Hayward, Pax Lowey, Eli Rainsberry, Cel Davidson, Amran Anjum, Devlin, Kriss, Beck Michalak, Jim Thompson, Siobhan Gibson, Shi

With the help of:

other nice people


Yorkshire Games Festival, BFI, Boneloaf

Talks given:

  • Vaida Plankyte
  • Hanna Dwan
  • Andrew Beck
  • Hwa Young Jung
  • Eugene Griskov
  • Chella Ramanan
  • Kim Foale
  • Emma Bearman
  • Hana Lee
  • Becky Leigh
  • Jade Leamcharaskul
  • Various others (Show and Yell!)

Games/Things shown:

  • Pink – Sam Brown and Joshua Unsworth
  • Softwar – Ben Green
  • Bitsy Boutique – Mark Wonnacott and various bitsy authors
  • Attention Seeker – Georgie Grace
  • DUST SHEPHERDS OF SATURN – Jim Thompson, Emmylou Laird and Drew Harpunea
  • Wobble Garden – Robin Baumgarten; Audio by Martin Kvale
  • One For Sorrow – Adam Dixon
  • Anyball – Laurenz Riklin and Hang Ruan
  • Full English Breakfast – Ian MacLarty
  • Michael Rosen’s Drink Simulator – Ell Buscemi
  • Fairmile – Ed Key, Beck Michalak, Eli Rainsberry, Sophie Houlden
  • La Forêt – Supr
  • 29 – Humble Grove, Nikki Lombardo, Eli Rainsberry
  • Probationary – Hwa Young Jung
  • Art Deck – Holly Gramazio
  • Cuckoo Curling – Grenadine
  • Phogs – Bitloom with Coatsink
  • Unannounced Really Good Puzzle game – Benjamin Davis/Alan Hazelden/Eli Rainsberry/Elisa Marchesi/Ben Ruiz
  • Quiet as a Stone – Richard Whitelock @rpgwhitelock
  • DUST SHEPHERDS OF SATURN – Jim Thompson, Emmylou Laird and Drew Harpunea
  • Enchanted Launderette – Emmylou Laird
  • Extreme Event Game – Hisham Tariq
  • The Book Ritual – Alastair Aitcheson
  • Science Game Playtest – Jana Wendler
  • DUST SHEPHERDS OF SATURN – Jim Thompson, Emmylou Laird and Drew Harpunea
  • Albatross – Sarah Cole
  • Balance – Fedya

Live Games/Experiences:

  • Shards of the Sun Egg – by Jim Thompson
  • One by One – by Thryn Henderson
  • Cardboard Spaceships – by Jim Thompson
  • Business Year 1999 – by Adam Dixon, Nate Crowley, David Hayward
  • Jeff Golblum Is Concerned About Your Academic Progress And So You Must Tend His Menagerie Of Gentle Mutant Abominations – Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Workshops/Jams held:

  • Rebel Yelp! Videogame Potluck – Mick Chesterman
  • Paper Jam – Stuart Lilford, Feral Sett
  • Manifesto Jam – Emilie Reed
  • Flatgame workshop – Claire Morley, Mark Wonnacott
  • Makey Makey workshop – Installation Required
  • Microbit workshop – Installation Required

Misc other:

  • Lino printing shirts – Beck Michalak, Shi Blank
  • Nail art – Sarah Cole, Becky Leigh







Anything Else: